December, 2016
A collaboration with Camille Johnson and Torin Clay to celebrate the performance art of Bauhaus and chance mechanisms.
3D armatures, lyric generator AI
January, 2018
Intro to Video Portfolio
Projects demonstrating my acquired skills with shooting and editing video footage.
video, video editing
November, 2016
Sylvia: ADHD In College
Video portrait of Sylvia Sinsabaugh, on what it's like to have ADHD in college.
video portrait
December, 2016
Drip Drop
Stop motion animation made with Ophelia Deng to depict the motion of a water drop.
stop motion animation
December, 2017
How To Solder
Poster project depicting the steps of soldering without using words
information design, poster
October, 2016
Poster designs for "Constellations," senior directing thesis of Clarisza Runtung, for which I was the stage manager.
poster design
April, 2017
Bell Tower Projection
An interactive installation on the Lurie Carillon, in collaboration with Kevin Huang, Trevor Chase and Jazmyn Rivera.
Pure Data Extended, interactive, installation, projection
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